About Us

I’m Jarrod, also know as Rod Parker. I am a brand strategist, designer and professional artist. I also teach painting classes and mentor young creatives in Atlanta. I’ve been creating amazing graphics and artwork for many clients from all types of industries for the past 5 years.

I’ve built brands, designed logos, websites, products, marketing funnels and more.

Just a few years ago, I was working in a super hot warehouse driving a forklift. I was also freelancing and teaching after school classes for elementary schoolers. I hated my job. My ultimate goal was to fire my boss, become my own boss and inspire others to live their best life doing what they love.

After HEAVY deliberation, I quit my warehouse job to go all in on my business and I never looked back.

At Rod Parker Designs, our mission is to help entrepreneurs big and small create amazing viral brands that exceed their expectations. We are here for you and your business. Together, side-by-side we will bring your brands vision to life one step at a time.

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