How can I get started on earning $100 for referral?

Earn up to $100 for each person you refer to Rod Parker Designs that signs on to become a client. To leave a review or refer a friend simply fill out the form below and Rod Parker or a member of the team will reach out to you and the person you referred about your new perks. Tell your referral to name drop you, so we can make sure YOU receive your benefits. you must complete this form within 7 days of their initial strategy session or you will not qualify for this program.

Who can I refer?

All you need is their name email and phone number. You can refer anyone as long as they have not previously worked with Rod Parker Designs or are not an existing client. If you know someone who is thinking of starting a business, struggling with their current business, or is looking to scale the business, we would be a great fit. We specialize in building brands with a strategic approach and help clients in a number of industries. Our past clients range from gym owners, web designers, rappers, entrepreneurs, e-commerce and more.

How do I get PAID?

Depending on the Packers your friend chooses, you can earn $100 for their package. For example, for either of our Basic Logo or Web Branding Packages you can earn $100. For the premium branding package you can earn $100 to spend or use as credit for future projects with Rod Parker Designs.

When do I get PAID?

Once your referral decides that they want to work with Rod Parker Designs team, you will get your payment after the full payment has been received for their project.

fill out this referral form if you know someone who might need our help, so they can book a free 30 minute strategy session with Rod Parker.

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Consultation Questions

* Which words in the company name do you want to emphasize?
* Do you want to include a tagline into the logo?
* What is your companies field of business?
* What age group of customers are you targeting?
* What distinguishes you from other companies in this field?
* Who are your competitors and what do you think about their logos?
* What colors do you want or not want to be used in your logo design?
* What logo layouts do you prefer? (Full text, graphic + text, seal/ badge)
* Graphically speaking what should the logo contain? (3 options: Initials (Luis Vaton logo), graphic related to name(nba logo), abstract graphic(Nike logo))
* What do you intend to do with your logo? Where do you intend to display it?
* If you have an existing logo or website do you want to keep any elements of it?
* Which companies have your favorite logos?
* Do you have any other ideas of your own for your logo or website?
* All references should be emailed to info@rodparkerdesigns.com